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Holiday Treats

It’s that time of year again! Cookies, ham, dips, drinks and oh my! Did you know that the average American puts on between 5-7lbs during the holiday season? We know what you’re thinking, how do I keep the celebration of the holidays from expanding my waistline? Keep yourself motivated by doing something to prevent the overindulgence in holiday treats. For read more...
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Get Motivated

“I can’t get motivated or workout from home”.  Is this the reason you have for not working out from home?  Do you find yourself channel surfing or web surfing instead of grabbing your kettlebell to workout? Well here are some great ways to stay motivated. Create a goal sheet and make it public. By making your goals publicly known to read more...
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Outside In Or Inside Out

Do you think of fitness as training from the outside in or inside out? Too often we approach our fitness with too heavy of an intent on the appearance weight loss rewards us with versus the reward of a healthier self. Focusing on such things as “How much can I lose?” or “How much body fat percentage can I drop?” read more...
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