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Eat to lose weight!

How about this concept; eating to burn more calories!? It’s called the thermogenic effect of food. Let’s be honest, we could all use a little more help when it comes to reaching our weight loss goals. While exercising with our kettlebells is a great way to burn calories, eating certain foods can supplement this calorie loss. Develop a focus on read more...
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How to Dress for your Kettlebell Workout

What you wear for your kettlebell workout is just as important as having the right kettlebell. Finding the right workout attire can be a tedious chore but is an important factor in the execution of your workout. Here are some helpful tips: 1. Dress appropriately for your workout. Comfort when working out is important but remember wearing extremely loose clothing read more...
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Exercise from home

Exercise From Home What are the benefits of exercising from home? Convenience, convenience, convenience! The hard truth is that today’s world is more demanding than ever. Finding the time for health and fitness can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be with Kettle Bells From Home. What does Kettle Bells From Home give you more of than any other home workout? Kettle Bells From Home is a...
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