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“I can’t get motivated or workout from home”.  Is this the reason you have for not working out from home?  Do you find yourself channel surfing or web surfing instead of grabbing your kettlebell to workout? Well here are some great ways to stay motivated.

Create a goal sheet and make it public. By making your goals publicly known to friends and family, you are creating accountability. With others having knowledge of your goals, they can hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

This doesn’t work for you? Try posting your goals as pictures all around your home. Want to look like your past self or have a picture you’d like to aspire to? Maybe it is a list of prescription pills you want to get off of or a quote from someone saying you can’t reach your goals.  Make this list or picture and use it to get your motivation to grab that kettlebell and start working out.

Post these pictures and lists anywhere and everywhere. Above your computer, right next to your TV, on your bathroom mirror, just somewhere where you will see it all the time.  This will keep your eyes and mind fixed on your goal.

Trust us, this works not only in fitness but also, for our business. We are creatures that need constant reminders; so remind yourself visually, it is a more powerful tool than just listing your goals out in your head. You can succeed so never ever give up! Go now and create your goal sheet or find that picture. Never forget where you want to be.

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