New - Holiday Treats

It’s that time of year again! Cookies, ham, dips, drinks and oh my! Did you know that the average American puts on between 5-7lbs during the holiday season? We know what you’re thinking, how do I keep the celebration of the holidays from expanding my waistline?

Keep yourself motivated by doing something to prevent the overindulgence in holiday treats. For example, try a cleanse, yes you read that right. Why a cleanse? We hold 5-7lbs of waste in our intestines, a cleanse is a great way to get rid of this unnecessary poundage.

A cleanse can also boost your immune system! Who knew?! Our digestive tract plays an essential role when it comes to our immune system. And since it is not only the holiday season but flu season as well, a cleanse is a great way to help built up our immune system.

Furthermore, a cleanse can help to keep our weight loss consistent. While on a cleanse, our body can adapt more to absorbing nutrients from food and supplements. When you do decide to start a cleanse, it is essential that you are strict about your keeping to your diet plan.

Take a different approach this year and start your New Year’s Resolution early. Create healthy habits before the New Year begins and you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed with optimism for a healthier life-style.  Get started with your cleanse today by checking out our gentle 10 day cleanse by Advocare.

Remember to stay strict with your diet while on your cleanse and make sure you are incorporating your fitness with Kettlebells From Home.

Happy Holidays,
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