Since working out with kettlebells, I have noticed a substantial change in my body composition. I went from 32% body fat, to 16% body fat, and went from weighing 190# to 165#. My clothes size went from pushing out of size 14/16 to a very comfortable size 10, and sometimes a size 8. I am 5'10" tall and was a rower on a Division 1 Crew Team in college, but definitely let my body slide after having kids.

Chad, Derek, and Andrew are all awesome trainers that know kettlebell technique and how to safely use kettlebells to increase your strength and conditioning. As an example, I started with an 8kg kettlebell, and now I routinely use a 16kg or (sometimes) a 20kg kettlebell. I used to not be able to do any pull-ups, and now I can do 10. I also can dead-lift 330#, and it's not an exercise I routinely practice. I should also mention that I am 40 years old, with a history of thyroid problems, and have genetics working against me. I was also obese as a child, weighing nearly 180# at age 10. With consistent exercise using kettlebells, and a clean diet, I've completely changed the trajectory of my life's path towards health.

Whatever your goal in strength and conditioning, kettlebells can help you towards that end. Take the challenge, and I know you'll see a better YOU in no time! My hope is that more people discover the love of kettlebells through as it will definitely change your body for the better, make you more functionally fit, and (believe it or not!) give you more energy! The workouts will challenge you to push yourself to a new level, but take the challenge, and you will definitely reap the benefits.