Ryan Immel

During the winter of 2012 I found myself out of shape, really, for the first time in my life. The previous 4 years had been filled with intense training and conditioning as I played defensive end for the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. After my senior season of football, the 6 AM lifts were quickly exchanged for a couple extra hours of sleep and junk food began to pop up more and more in my diet. Soon walking up the flights of stairs in the science building left me out of breath, the same stairs I routinely sprinted up in an attempt to make it to class on time years before.

My mom suggested that I begin doing Kettlebells From Home. I had done kettlebells with Derek when TNT was a studio gym in FDL and remember how quickly it whipped me into shape. I decided to do it. The first day I barely made it through the warm up. However I stuck with it because Derek and Chad were such good motivators even though they aren't even in the room with you. Not to mention Andy is a childhood friend of mine and I wanted to be able to do the stuff he was doing. After a couple months of Kettlebells From Home I can honestly say I may be in the best shape of my life. I can routinely complete the workouts with 24-32 kg bells and I would like to thank Kettlebells From Home trainers for being great motivators and taking the guess work out of working out. Just follow along and do your best.

Ryan Immel


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